RAC Agent - Job Description

Scope of work
  • The successful agent would be required to maintain a clean and neat appearance along with their vehicle (inside and outside).
  • Agents would facilitate the pickup and delivery of packages within a specific area / zone between  the hrs of 7am - 2pm Monday to Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday times will vary.
  • Agents can work part time, on various days or full time.
  • Packages will be small to medium sized and may contain clothing, accessories, electronics and miscellaneous personal items.
  • Some pickups / deliveries may require the agent to collect payments.
  • A linx machine will be provided after a two week period.
  • Agents will receive job details via the app and should make contact with the sender/ recipient to coordinate pickup/delivery within the aforementioned time.

Payments and average earnings

  • Agents would be paid X amount for each pickup and Y amount for each delivery.
  • Average earnings per day would vary based on number of jobs completed.
  • Average jobs to be completed (3-5 per hr).

Things to note

  • Agents would be responsible for their fuel and phone plan.
  • Minimum deposit can be $1000 before starting.
  • The deposit works as a security measure since agents would be required to collect payments.
  • The deposit will be returned in full if/when the work duration comes to an end.
  • Certificate of character application can be done online. Click here to apply