RACS Internship


What is Internship? (click here to learn more)

Internship period - July to December 2022

RACS Aim at the end of the period

  • Interns would learn how to use various online platforms to carry out specific tasks.
  • Interns would have real work experience with the company which can assist greatly in their future job.
  • Have properly trained staff that are capable of working with RACS and have adopted the RACS culture.


  • Interns should:
    • Have a space to work from home comfortably.
    • Have access to the following (computer / laptop / tablet, smartphone with whats app, proper internet connection) 
    • Have basic knowledge and experience with mathematics (calculations) & English (spoken, written).


The Process & Details

  1. Read all information on this page fully before registering.
  2. Click here to register.
  3. Interns under 21 years old their parent / guardian will be contacted to confirm consent and to read / be aware of the process and details.
  4. Only interns that pre-qualify and meet specific criteria will move forward and be added to the whats app group for training.
  5. Two weeks of training will officially begin from 17th July, covering various segments.
  6. A trainer / tasks / training will be available 18hrs a day (6am - 11:59pm)
  7. Interns should cover at least 2hrs per day during the training period.
  8. Interns will not be paid for / during the 2 week training period.
  9. After the 2 week training period interns will be graded and advised if they move forward in any segment.
  10. Only interns that pass the 2 week training in any segment will move forward.
  11. Interns that are successful will initially start working 2hrs per day at a rate of $12.50 per hour.
  12. After the 2 weeks of training, days of work will be as follows - Mon to Fri - scheduled 2 hr shifts, Sat & Sun - optional 2 hr shifts
  13. Payments will be made on a fortnightly basis, 7 days after the last date of the fortnight.
  14. Payment will be made to the intern’s account or to the account info provided.
  15. During the period (July - December) interns will be rotated in various segments.
  16. Interns that perform above and beyond will be given an opportunity to
      • Make additional income during the period (July - December)
      • Train new interns on the various segments.
      • Continue working with RACS after December 2022.
    17. All interns will be given a certificate of participation at the end of the period and a referral letter if needed for their next job. (click here to register)